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Mandel Group is pleased to Introduce Harlow & Hem  

We are pleased to present Harlow & Hem, a thoughtfully designed, mixed-income residential concept positioned in the heart of the Village of Wauwatosa. The development encompasses the city-owned Blanchard Street Parking Lots and two neighboring private properties, including the Swan Interiors building at 7487 Harwood Ave and the Cream City Soap Company building at 7463 Harwood Avenue. We believe we have a unique opportunity to deliver to the Village a comprehensive redevelopment that converts these parcels into exceptional residential spaces with public, pedestrian-oriented greenspace while maintaining the same amount of public parking. Our experience is that the best projects are those that are informed by reasonable, constructive conversation with all stakeholders, which includes nearby neighbors and businesses. The link below contains a summary of our development proposal and Mandel’s qualifications and experience. We also welcome your comments and questions regarding our proposal below.

Harlow & Hem Submission Form

HarlowandHem@mandelgroup.com | (414) 347-3600
Harlow & Hem Submission Form